$50 MILLION may cost to Messi for cutting his salary to help the others during this Coronavirus pandemic

Messi and his wife

Lionel Messi is a soccer legend not only because of his great skills, but also for how he takes care of the people in need. The Argentinian star has already donated €1 million to help 2 hospitals: 1 in Barcelona and the other in Argentina.

However, Lionel’s generosity didn’t stop there. He and his teammates from Barcelona FC decided to devolve a huge part of their salaries to help all the employees of their Football Club.

Lionel, wrote on his Instagram account:

“As well as the 70% reduction in our salaries during the national state of emergency, we will make a contribution so that the club’s employees can earn 100% of their salaries during this time.

Reacting to criticism that the players had not made any announcements about what they were doing to help others during the pandemic, Messi added: “We haven’t spoken until now because our priority was to find real solutions in order to help the club and those who will be most affected by this situation.

We also could not forget to send all our best wishes to all Barcelona fans who are suffering in these tough times and everyone who is waiting patiently in their home waiting for the end of this crisis.”

$50 million

Being among the 3 most paid athletes in the world, Forbes calculated that Messi may lose $50 million from his pay cut.

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