HOW THE MOST EXPENSIVE DINNER in Singapore helped saving children in Nigeria

Most expensive dinner

In a world badly affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, it is worth noticing that there is still a lot of generosity aimed at helping children. World of Diamond’s Karan Tilani curated the “The World’s Most Expensive Dinner” in Singapore with the noble idea of helping children in… Nigeria! Tilani, a philanthropist, has this great idea that luxury needs to be used to save lives and he is doing everything he can to pursue his dream. Why not?

Singaporean couple Vincent and Jane Hee paid $2 million for an exclusive experience that culminated with an 18-course dinner prepared by chef Kirk Westaway of Jaan on board a Bombardier Global 6000 private jet. Before the dinner, the couple enjoyed a cruise on a luxury yacht, a night at the Outpost Hotel in a room with 10,000 roses, and yet another night at the Presidential Suite of Raffles Hotel.

The cause

The proceeds of the dinner will go to sustain the effort of a Danish Foundation, Dinnoedhjaelp that is operating a well-maintained center, the “Land of Hope” that has the mission of rescuing and nurturing the so-called “Witch-children” in Nigeria.

The money pledged will also help to buy 20,000 vaccines of Prevnar 13 to help children to fight pneumonia in Nigeria.

The “Witch-children” are accused by their own families of witchcraft and they are often tortured, abandoned or worse.

Anja Loveln Hope

The prestigious outlet CNBC produced a documentary about the initiative.