GREAT VIDEO. 5 clinical trials on how to beat the Coronavirus with high success rate


Thi video shows 5 clinical trials that are extremely promising in curing the Coronavirus

“1. There is a French study involving 36 patients targeting COVID-19. They used a medication called hydroxychloroquine along with an antibiotic, and 100% of the patients recovered within 6 days. They also did a second trial with 80 patients. It showed clinical improvement in all of those cases except for 2.

2. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said that in 699 COVID-19 cases, there was a 100% success rate. He used hydroxychloroquine, z-pack, and zinc. He’s recommending to hit the virus hard and early with this protocol.

3. Dr. William Grace has been using hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic with really good results—not one death.

4. There was a study by the NIH using zinc showing a decrease in morbidity relating to lower respiratory tract infections.

5. There was another study done by the NIH in vitro using hydroxychloroquine. They found it was a potent killer of the coronavirus. “