NO MEDICS INFECTED in this hospital in Naples, Italy. VIDEOS


The Coronavirus has stricken hard the northern regions of Italy and many fear for the worst when the pandemic will hit the south. There is an overall conception (wrong?) that the hospitals in the south of Italy are ill-equipped and ill-organized especially when compared with the ones in the north.

However, as per this video from Sky News, the Cotugno Hospital in Naples has incredible no medics infected, at least so far. Sky went to the hospital to understand why and apparently 2 are the main reasons: first great equipment; second; a fantastic organization and following of the rules.

According to the head of respiratory medicine, Dr Roberto Parrella, these are the reasons:

“This is the first thing to do in this kind of hospital. It’s very, very important to separate the corridors and so on, to organize how to dress and undress, how to put a doctor or nurse in the room, how to put your mask on right, it’s very important.”