Miss England back to work as doctor during coronavirus pandemic. VIDEO

Bhasha Mukherjee back to her profession

Bhasha Mukherjee

Bhasha Mukherjee, the 2019 Miss England in 2019, is back to the UK to help in the fight against this tragic Coronavirus pandemic. Bhasha returned from overseas charity work to keep on working as a doctor.

Mukherjee took a break from her profession when she represented the UK in the Miss World pageant in December 2019. Bhasha had the idea to prolong her charity work until August, however, her plan changed with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talking to the CNN, Bhasha revealed: “I was invited to Africa, to Turkey, then to India, Pakistan and several other Asian countries to be an ambassador for various charity work.”

About coming back to help, she commented: “It was incredible the way the whole world was celebrating all key workers, and I wanted to be one of those, and I knew I could help.”

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On world Diabetes day , here's to the unsung heroes that save lives silently everyday, work inhuman hours and still smile. here's to my DARLING NHS which has stood strong every test of time , arguably the best health care system in the world. Here's me as a new team member attempting in my own little way to strengthen the foundation of our brilliant healthcare so in years to come we still have an NHS. I see a world where the general population will be far better knowledgeable about diseases and health and thus more independent so they don't have to keep visiting the doctors. I see a future where the general population can stay well in the community so that better , higher quality care can be provided to the really sick in hospitals. this can only be done if ALL us healthcare professionals join hands to educate , educate , educate and emphasize on prevention rather than cure. This isn't an impossible dream … I believe this is a vision of a future soon to come … and I start with the 4th biggest cause of death and disability – type 2 diabetes… @diabetesuk @johnnie18 Thank you @soulful_s for gifting us this video Thank you @missenglandnews @angiesdiarypics for trusting me and always having my back … Thank you @bitaayazdani @aishaaa_aa and @tamararashford.ox For being part of our shoot Thank you @aryavisuals @falakara1 @bergees12 @rizqadir07 @sobharth @the_gbp @simranbharth @musicwitha for supporting me through my BWAP journey @missworld @beautywithapurposeofficial #itsworlddiabetesday For more updates follow the official Miss world Instagram page Please keep supporting me in my Miss World journey by voting for me . Voting is free . 1. All you need to do is DOWNLOAD THE APP MobStar, create an account 2. SEARCH DR BHASHA MUKHERJEE , under "people" 3. Follow my account 4. Like and comment on all my posts – 1 like = 1 vote !

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