100% SURVIVED with Israeli innovative placenta treatment from Haifa

There are some hopes from Israel about a possible Coronavirus cure


We have good news from Haifa, Israel, as Pluristem Therapeutics is having glorious preliminary results from their placenta-based cell-therapy to cure Covid-19.

The treatment was tested on 6 patients that were critically-ill and all of them survived with 4 showing improvement in respiratory parameters. In addition, 3 of them are closer to getting rid of their ventilators.

CEO and president Yaky Yanay commented:

“We are pleased with this initial outcome of the compassionate use program, and committed to harnessing plx cells for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems.

In order to maximize plx cells’ impact on patient recovery and to work towards making our treatment widely available, we plan to quickly move forward into a clinical development program. Pluristem is dedicated to using its competitive advantages in large-scale manufacturing to potentially deliver plx cells to a large number of patients in significant need.

We believe that research and governmental funding may be available to pluristem to support the use of plx cells for patients suffering from Covid-19 and are targeting such funding.”

There are hopes that with the acceleration of the approval protocols if all gets well the cure will be available already in the second half of the year.

Pluristem Therapeutics stock jumped.