5 MILES PER DAY. Teacher delivering dozens of lunches a day and stays fit in Grimsby


Zane Powles is the assistant head at Western Primary School in Grimsby and he has a background in the Army. Zane has well in his mind that some families are reliant on free school dinners and they are struggling to cover the cost of feeding their children.

For this reason, Zane decided to help and he now walks five miles a day delivery meals to kids who need them in what seems to be a sort of military operation.

Zane is working with the headteacher Kim Leach that prepares the sandwiches before the delivery. Talking to ITV News ITV News, Leach commented: “We will be ringing every single family every week just to speak to them, just to sure they alright make sure they’ve got enough food in the house, that they’ve got the level of support that they need.”

The gratitude of the parents

Zane’s commitment is highly appreciated by the families that receive help. One parent commented: “It’s something extra to be walking around five miles a day just to be delivering meals to children that need them. I can’t thank him enough. It’s just mad what he’s actually doing.”

Sources: BBC and ITV News