WATCH… IT’S great! Gary Barlow and Brian May play Get Back during Coronavirus lockdown

Gary Barlow and Brian May Get Back

Music legends Gary Barlow and Brian May are stuck at home during the current Coronavirus pandemic. However, it seems that the virus can;t stop them and the duo entertained their fans with a fantastic rendition of “Get Back.”

Brian released the following message on his youtube channel:

Mesdames et Messieurs ! Je vous presente —- GARY BARLOW !!! We got together, but only virtually, to pay tribute to the fabulous Beatles, and hopefully raise some smiles out there. Get Back ! Of course there is no way to get back today – to where we once belonged – only forwards to a New World. But this simple Lennon/McCartney song is immortal. So you could say this is where #thecroonersessions meets #jamwithbri – for your pleasure !”

Have fun and enjoy the performance!

Bryan is “enjoying” his lockdown having all sorts of virtual performance with people all over the world. That is simply great!