VACCINE IN SEPTEMBER! Coronavirus vaccine could be ready this Autumn. University of Oxford

There are some high hopes from this research Oxford and they have a good idea on how to speed things up.

Sarah C Gilbert

We have great news from the University of Oxford as according to Professor Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, a vaccine could be available for the public already in September.

During an interview with the Sunday Times, Professor  Sarah Gilbert said that with a team of researchers, she has already created a vaccine that is due to begin human trials within 2 weeks.

80% chances it will work

Dr. Gilbert sounded extremely upbeat about the potential success of the vaccine to say that according to her experience, they have 80% chances to be successful.

Many experts say that it will take at least 12-18 months to have a vaccine widely available to the public. However, Professor Gilbert has her own idea of how to speed things up. She believes that volunteers from places without any lockdown should become infected naturally as soon as possible. That will accelerate the clinical trial process.

“If one of those (places) turns out to have a high rate of virus transmission then we will get our efficacy results very quickly, so that is one strategy for reducing the time.

Total lockdowns do make it harder. But we don’t want the herd immunity either. We want them to be susceptible and exposed for the trials purely to test the efficacy.”

In order to speed things up, even more, they are going to produce the vaccine even before its efficacy will be proved. It’s a risky approach from an economic point of view, but this could potentially save a lot of lives.

Font: the Sunday Times