LIKE A ROCK STAR. Hugely popular doctor Pruden beats the Coronavirus to have a great cheering when discharged

There was so much love for this hero!


Doctors and health workers are hugely exposed by this Coronavirus pandemic. They are extremely at risk of contracting the virus and unfortunately, many of them have been dying all over the world.

At St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson, Dr. James Pruden was discharged on Tuesday after he was found positive to the Virus. It is not uncommon seeing healthcare workers clapping survivors when they are dismissed, but the love shown in Paterson for he extremely popular Dr. Pruden was truly exceptional with huge chanting and cheering.

Dr. Pruden commented: “Your care made the difference for me and enabled me to beat this virus. I implore every health care worker across New Jersey to keep the faith and stay strong. You are giving everything for people just like me. You are truly our heroes.”

Outside the hospital, there was even a  bagpipe player that was waiting for Dr. Jim Pruden to be discharged.