Tennis star Djokovic stuns with amazing and unexpected donation to Italy

Novak Djokovic surprises with a rather generous gesture

Djokovic and his wife

Novak Djokovic is not only the tennis world no.1, but he is also an amazing human being. The Serbian sensation runs a very active foundation with his lovely wife Jelena and he has donated already 1 million euros to help Serbia to fight the Coronavirus.

That donation was “sort of” expected as Djokovic has always been extremely gracious with his compatriots. However, the tennis legend impressed again and probably even more after he “silently” donated a big (and undisclosed) sum to 2 hospitals in the hard-hit Italian region of Lombardia. The money was used to buy ventilators and other essential medical equipment.

Peter Assembergs, the director-general of the local health authority in Bergamo,  commented: “We never expected to see on our bank account a donation from such a prestigious person. Reading among the donators the name of the best tennis player in the world made me emotional.

Novak was also a message to Italy saying: “Dear Italy, even if you are going through a very difficult period, know that you are not alone in this situation. We support you and send you our love, our prayers and wish you to remain strong to face and overcome these difficult days. Stay strong, courageous, confident, healthy and united. Everything will be fine.”

Djokovic and his love for Italy

The world no.1 has a special relationship with Italy, where he trained as a teenager. His relationship with the “Bel Paese” is strengthened by the fact that he possesses a rather fluent Italian and his wife used to study at the “Universita’ Bocconi” in Milan.