LITTLE WARRIOR. 6-month-old Erin with heart condition beats the Coronavirus in Liverpool

Erin Bates 6 month

Heartwarming news from Liverpool as a little warrior and 6-months-old Erin Bates beats the Coronavirus fighting with a heart and lung condition.

Our little hero was born on October 8th, 2019 and after just a couple of months, it was uncovered that Erin was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot that is a rare and extremely dangerous condition. Just before Christmas, the 23rd of December, she had an operation and she remained in intensive care for a week.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there as after 2 days she was released from the ICU, she had to get back immediately in intensive care as she was diagnosed with bronchomalacia and her lungs collapsed.

Things got extremely complicated as her heart grew in a way that was giving problems to her airways. Therefore, Erin had to stay for a prolonged time as growing bigger could have helped her to overcome the problem. Otherwise, another surgery was the only solution.

Contracting the Coronavirus

Erin battlingThat was probably not enough and Erin was alos diagnosed with Coronavirus on April the 10th and our little hero managed to beat also the Covid-19 beating the odds. Erin’s mother Emma was the only one allowed to stay in the hospital during Erin’s battle against the Coronavirus. Later her father Wayne had the opportunity to hold her daughter again.






The fundraiser

A fundraiser was launched to help Erin’s family with financial and psychological struggles. You can donate them through this link. That was quite an ordeal.

A lesson for all to never give up! Well done!