50 MILLION FUND. Sicily to pay 1/2 price of flights and 1/3 of hotel costs to tourists

Sicily Beach

The economies of countries or regions heavily depending on tourism have been badly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. The widespread travel ban that has been enforced all over the world has been creating huge problems for tourism. Greece has established a task force to study the opportunity and the measures to open their countries to tourists. The country’s economy heavily depends on tourism (1/5 of the GDP) and being closed the months of July and August would be simply catastrophic.

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Sicily and the fight for tourism

Sicily is a beautiful region in the South of Italy whose economy also depends heavily on tourism. Therefore, Sicily had the great idea to cover half of the flight costs and a third of hotel expenses for the tourists. In addition, there will be free tickets to most of its museums and archaeological sites.

According to Business Insider Italia, Sicily is preparing a “€50 million fund to give to tourists discounts on flights, museums and attractions. And for every three nights, one free.”

As reported by InformaSicilia, vouchers will be “paid in advance for tourist packages that include rooms booked in the hotel, guided tours and tickets for theaters or shows in Sicily. The vouchers will be offered free of charge to tourists who choose to spend a three-night holiday on the island. The fourth will be free.”

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