Little warrior defeats Covid-19 after he had a 107.1 (41.7c) fever in Michigan

Amanda May and Luke

Coronavirus is most likely to affect senior citizens. However, in some rare cases things can go sideways also for younger people. This is what could happen in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where 22-month-old Luke Schreiber got infected to battle with a mammoth fever. His recorded temperature spiked to  107.1 (41.7c) degree, with things becoming quite tense.

Talking to Mlive, Luke’s mother Amanda May revealed that on March 31 Luke “got up and he looked flush.” Then she added: “My husband sat down with him and I took Luke’s temperature and he was 107.1.

I took the blankets off and waited a couple minutes and he registered 106.5. I took it about 10 more times to make sure it was registering correctly. I also checked my temperature and my husband’s and we were normal. I even got another thermometer out and he was at 106.4.”

Soon after, they rushed Luke to the Beaumont Hospital where he got admitted. Eventually, Luke tested positive to Covid-19 after just 12 hours that he was tested. Amanda May is stunned by how sticky is the fever associated with the Coronavirus to comment: “It’s just the lingering fever. It’s unbelievable. It goes away and comes right back. We have yet to see a day without a fever at some point. He gets exhausted way faster and just needs to sleep more.”

Amanda May later gave the update on Facebook that Luke’s fever went away and he is now testing negative!


She was also infected by the Coronavirus to comment: “I am a triathlete, and I just ran a half-Ironman last August while 6 months pregnant after being medically cleared for it.

I was running before this. I was running two miles, four to five times a week while wearing a mask and staying away from everyone. Now, just sitting and laying around, I feel like I’m huffing and puffing like I’m going up and down the stairs, but I’m not.

The fact that my lungs feel like this to me is just crazy.”

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