$50 million refused by the man that created a paradise in the Seychelles. POSITIVE THROWBACK


How many people dream of quitting their ordinary job and life to do something exceptional? This is what Brendon Grimshaw did more than 40 years ago back in 1962 when he left his job as a newspaper editor in England to buy a small uninhabited island in Seychelles for £8,000 named the Moyenne Island.

Together with his friend Reny Lofoten he equipped the island and he made it his new home. While Reny used to visit the paradisiac island only every now and then, Brendon decided to live there. Unfortunately, Reny passed away back in 2007 at 81 years of age. Brendon passed away when he was 86 in July 2012 and he is buried here on the island, next to his father and 2 pirates )of course)

The incredible achievements

Brendon didn’t want just to spend some time in there, but he decided to create a paradise. He planted 15,000 trees with his own hands, and he attracted 2,000 new bird species and more than a hundred giant turtles that were about to go extinct.

Refusing $50 million

The once deserted island became so lovely, that in the past, Brendon had and refused an offer from the Prince of Saudi Arabia of $50 million. Brendon explained that he “didn’t want the island to be a favorite vacation destination for the rich people. Better let it be a National Park for everyone to enjoy.”

At the end of the day, $50 million is “just” money while he had something much better to offer.

Here a documentary about Brendon’s incredible life.

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