CANCER and CORONAVIRUS BEATEN. 7-year-old honored with a parade to celebrate his triumph

Gavin Brennan

Gavin Brennan proved to be too strong for cancer and Coronavirus to beat both while turning 7. The kid from Dedham, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with lymphoma last January and he had to start his chemo. Unfortunately, things got overcomplicated later after Gavin’s mother, April, had some symptoms that made her be suspect of having Coronavirus.

On the 22nd of March, Gavin was brought to the hospital where he tested positive. In the beginning, Gavin was asymptomatic, but later he developed pneumonia. Eventually, Gavin managed o beat the Coronavirus and he received his last chemo. Once back, he received a parade to honor his triumph.

Gavin said: “If people are having a hard time… If I could do it, you can do it!”

You can donate to the hospital that helped Gavin to recover in here.

Well done Gavin!

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