How Italians have developed a working vaccine to fight he Covid-19

Spallanzani Hospital

We have good news from Italy as the company Takis has developed a vaccine to fight the Covid-19 after the tests were carried out in the virology laboratory of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome.

The vaccine has been tested on mice. The results were that after the inoculation of the vaccine, antibodies have been created that stopped the Covid-19.

The CEO Luigi Aurisicchio was rather pleased with the work they have done to comment:

“Thanks to Spallanzani’s expertise, as far as we know, we are the first in the world to have demonstrated the neutralization of the coronavirus by a vaccine. We expect this to happen in humans as well.

We are also exploring other interesting technology platforms in collaboration with LineaRx, an American company. Some vaccines have received significant funding and have already started the clinical phase in other countries. We are doing our best to ensure that a vaccine born from Italian research, with an all-Italian and innovative technology, is tested in Italy and made available to everyone. To do this we need the support of institutions and partners to help us speed up the process: this is not a race and together we can all win against the coronavirus.”

This is great news as it’s essential to create various vaccines against the Covid-19 to have more options. Oxford University has also developed a promising vaccine with the hope of having it available as early as in September.


VACCINE IN SEPTEMBER! Coronavirus vaccine could be ready this Autumn. University of Oxford

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