SOLD OUT! Restaurant uses small greenhouses for social distancing in Amsterdam

Mediamatic Greenhouse

Many countries are entering the so-called phase 2 to beat the Coronavirus. In many cases, it’s about the creativity of business owners to make things happen and an interesting concept was adopted in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam, the vegan restaurant Mediamatic ETEN came out with an interesting idea of serving their food to customers in a small greenhouse. The social distancing rule in the Netherland states that people need to be at least 1.5 meters apart. The will also serve a 4-courses vegan meals.

When talking to NL Times,  Mediamatic’s founding partner Willem Velthoven commented:

“This was one of the most feasible ideas from a large list of ideas we had when brainstorming. We only had tickets for June and the last week of May online and they are now all sold out.

Initially, no more than three guests will be allowed to dine inside each greenhouse, even though there is the capacity for more because we are now careful with our optimism.

We have other, bigger greenhouses, but using them depends on how everything ends up going. Bigger groups could come now but then they should be families. For now, bigger groups are being discouraged because, from our experience, they are just louder and then you get the exciting behavior causing spittle to fly and so on, and that’s the kind of behavior that would make the virus spread faster.”

Mediamatic Greenhouse Mediamatic Greenhouse