SMART – Lithuanian airport turned into drive-in cinema

Vilnius Cinema drive in

The travel sector has been hit extremely hard by the Coronavirus pandemic with all the restrictions enforced all over the world.

The airline industry is literally on its knee, with most of the airplanes grounded and the airports deserted. However, there is always a way to get smart, even during the most challenging moments.

The international airport of Vilnius in Lithuania turned part of its premises in a drive-in with the spectators asked to keep heir windows closed.

The drive-in tickets where sold-out for many days and the films shown were initially purchased for screening the annual international film festival in Vilnius. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to the lockdown in Lithuania.

The flights in Lithuania resumed the 30th of April and citizens were allowed to travel from the 4th of May.

Similar initiatives have been undertaken in Dresden and drive-ins are coming back in fashion all over the world because of the natural social distancing.