CORONAVIRUS. Federer with his Foundation donates $1 million to feed 64,000 vulnerable children when schools are closed

Federer Foundation Children Africa

Roger Federer is not only arguably the best tennis player in history, but he also has a golden heart. The Swiss sensation has always said that he would like to be remembered more for his charitable actions than his extraordinary achievements on the tennis court.

Roger is very true to his words. Once again, he helped the children in Africa donating $1 million to feed 64,000 vulnerable kids when schools are closed because of the Coronavirus. In some places in Africa, like in the US, daily meals are indeed provided by the schools, and therefore, the lockdowns make things extremely difficult.

1,500,000 Children impacted

Roger’s foundation operates in southern Africa and in Switzerland and has already impacted 1,500,000 children, also using local partners. Federer keeps on pledging money to his Foundation. He managed to raise $4 million only with the Match for Africa, an event that he played in February alongside his dear friend Rafael Nadal, Bill Gates and Trevor Noah.

On social media, the Roger Federer’s foundation released the following statement:

“Covid-19 is a global health and economic crisis. As a humanitarian response, the Roger Federer Foundation has granted one million USD to provide nutritious meals for 64,000 vulnerable young children and their families through our partners in Africa while schools are closed.”

Roger retweeted as follows: Now more than ever we must come together to help families in need.”

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