No new COVID-19 cases in Hawaii. First time in 8 weeks.


Great news from Hawaii as no new COVID-19 cases have been recorded. This is the first time since March and the progression of the infection is getting better and better.

Bruce Anderson, state Health Department director, commented: “We can’t let our guard down. We’re going to see our case numbers go up if we do. We still have evidence of at least limited community spread and we have clusters of cases, which suggests we still have COVID-19 here in Hawaii.”

The economy reopening

Like many other countries and states in the world, the economy will slowly restart also in Hawaii.

Hawaii Josh Green governor commented:

“Even though we’ve had enough time now to have most of any background virus die out, it’s hard to be totally sure. As we’re going through phase 2 of reopening our economy, we want to be almost perfect if we can be. That way we will know what the impact of bringing tourism back is. We’ll know exactly what levers to pull to protect ourselves from a surge then.”

Complacency is the new enemy. However, with the unemployment in Hawaii at a record 35% and no sign that tourism will be back any soon,  life and activities need to resume as soon as possible.

Hoping things are going to get better and better in this paradise.


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