The entire Iceland’s whale industry shuts down in 2020.


This Coronavirus pandemic has been horrible for the entire world. However, there are many silver linings, especially on the environment.

This time the great news is coming from Iceland after IP-Utgerd has officially ended whale hunting after the country announced that all whale hunts would be canceled for the second consecutive year. IP-Utgerd stunned after announcing that they will stop the whale hunting not only for this or next year but forever!

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) passed a global moratorium on commercial whaling back in 1986. However, Iceland restarted whaling in 2003 following its objection to the ban. Unfortunately, it has been estimated that 31,000 whales are killed every year despite the global ban.

Kitty Block, the CEO of Humane Society International, was elated with the decision of the Icelandic companies to stop whaling to comment:

“The news from Iceland marks a major turning point in the battle against whaling. We are happy that the whaling companies there have realized the futility of this enterprise in the modern world.”

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