Nosh Pit provides vegan food pantries for families struggling during the Coronavirus outbreak in Detroit

Nosh Pit Vegan

During this Coronavirus pandemic, some food pantries are more than happy to helping people. However, the emergency has made people to “forget” dietary restrictions. That is not the case in Detroit where Nosh Pit is helping Vegans who are in need of food assistance.

4 years ago, Karen Kahn-Schultz kick-started the Nosh Pit to provide vegan food in Hamtramck , Michigan, with the idea of “doing something good for the world.”

However, her activity has been hit dramatically by the Coronavirus lockdown as most of her business comes from her food truck, festivals, and catering events.

Karen admitted that she had to seek the help of a therapist after her business was suspended. She revealed: “I felt like everything we had worked towards for the last four years had come to a very sudden uncontrollable stop, but then I looked around me and saw that other people had it worse.”

The vegan food pantry

Therefore, Karen had the great idea of commencing a vegan food pantry to help the people in need. She commented: “If I can’t help myself, I can help other people and that’s what’s kept me going.”

She is still selling hot meals from her dinner menu also from her website. Nosh Pit is still in need of donations to continue their free food program. You can donate by clicking gon this link.


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