Hong Kong to ease borders restrictions. Pubs, gyms and beauty parlours reopened.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is starting to take the bold move of reopening its activities. The city has been reporting no new cases of local infections for 3 weeks. The only new cases that are reported are among people returning from abroad and they are promptly isolated. The city recorded only 4 cases in total of people that succumbed to the Covid-19.

The easing  of the restrictions and the lifting of borders restrictions

Hong Kong has opened pubs, gyms and beauty parlors and civil servants are required to get back to work. Up to 8 people are now allowed to gather together.

Border restrictions may be eased soon with Macau. According to executive councilor Dr Lam Ching-choi “Both places (Hong Kong and Macau) have experienced a long period of zero local cases, and soon after we lift some social-distancing measures, it’s time to prepare for a certain extent of border reopening such as a ‘travel bubble’ that some countries are attempting.”

Lam highlighted the complications in lifting the travel ban as transparency and collaboration are 2 key factors. He commented: “It’s more complicated than easing social-distancing measures. It involves a high level of transparency between governments, the sharing of information, and building up of notification mechanisms, for instance.”

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Graphs courtesy of worldometers.info