Disneyland reopens in China (with some measures). VIDEO

Shanghai Disneyland

The “normal life” is coming back slowly but surely. Disneyland in China is reopening after 3 months in Shanghai. On Monday morning, Disneyland received the first batch of 200 people that had to comply with some important measures such as wearing mandatory masks, temperature screenings, and social distancing for visitors and employees.

Disney’s $5.5 billion China flagship will set the example for the other 5 mega-resorts owned by the company. The resort will host maximum of 24,000 people per day that represents only 30% of it’s capacity to comply with the request from the government. This reopening will be a blueprint also for other parks all over the world.

For the time being, there will be no parades and fireworks and children’s play areas alongside indoor live theatre shows will be kept shut.

Shanghai Disneyland senior vice president of operations Andrew Bolstein commented: “We did various studies with our guests. We found it was easier to tell the guests where not to stand and then leave the empty space where they can stand.”