LOVELY. Roger Federer and Eli Manning surprise healthcare hero in a video

Roger Federer and Eli Manning surprised Christianne Calderon.

Roger Federer and Eli Manning

Roger Federer and Eli Manning are widely considered heroes in their sports (tennis and football). However, during this Coronavirus pandemic, there are some other heroes that are really making the difference: healthcare workers. This is what Roger Federer said after he surprised Christianne Calderon, a COVID-19 healthcare professional during a broadcast hosted by ESPN.

Christianne made a comparison between winning in tennis and in her profession to say: “I don’t want to lose. And in the patient setting during this pandemic, winning is discharging the patient out of the IC. That is winning. Or taking the tube out of the ventilator. That’s winning. And because I always want to win, I celebrate every little minute changes, that are positive changes, I call it a win.”

After Christine expressed her “winning concept,” Federer appeared, leaving her completely star-struck. The tennis player commented: “People think, we the athletes, are superheroes. But we think the same about somebody like you Christianne. You are the hero because you actually do save lives. You actually do make that difference.”

Then it was time for Eli Manning to appear to also thank the healthcare workers.

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