John Cena defies Coronavirus to pay surprising visit to 7-year-old fan. VIDEO

John Cena made the day of this little fighter!

John Cena

American wrestler John Cena is among the most popular figures in the US among young fans. The WWE superstar decided to go and visit 7-year-old David Castle at his Odessa home as the kid is battling against the Wilms tumor, which is a cancer that starts in the kidneys and typically affects children.

Little Castle was so happy to have tears of joy when he saw one of his favorite wrestlers getting in his home bringing along all sorts of presented such as 2 WWE title belts, signed T-shirts, a signed program, signed bobblehead, hat and some of his armbands.

The tumor was diagnosed on October the 25th (2019) and it was diagnosed being in stage 4 and unfortunately, it has already begun to spread in the body. David is still in the middle of the fight and he still needs to undergo various stages of radiation and chemotherapy.

Donations to David are accepted on this GoFundMe page.


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