Indian carbon emissions down for 1st time since 1982. GRAPHS

CO2 emissions in India

While many lives have been lost during the Coronavirus pandemic, the overall condition of the environment has improved all over the world also thanks to the fall of CO2 emissions.

Some cities in India, like Mumbai, are among the most polluted areas in the world.  According to a recent study conducted by CabronBrief, in India coal-fired power generation fell 15% in March and it is expected to fall around 30% in April.

As per the following chart, India is registering the first fall in coal usage since 1982 and the biggest percentage drop since recorded. The main factor of the drop is certainly caused by the Coronavirus lockdown that India commenced in March. However, also a stronger demand for renewables played its role

Sources: BBC, Carbonbrief




It’s interesting to notice that, as per the following graph, during this lockdown, it was only the coal industry had a sharp slowdown.

An additional benefit of the current situation is that the attention for the air quality is getting momentum in India. Therefore, the government is expected to reinvigorate the country’s renewable energy program.