VIDEO. Italy tests smart helmets to check temperature in the airport

Italy is getting sci-fi in its fight against the Coronavirus

Smart helmet Fiumicino Airport

Italy has been one of the worst-hit countries in the world by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Finally, the “Bel Paese” is finding the way out, and they are starting to reopen the activities introducing new concepts.

Engineers at the Rome airport of Fiumicino are testing a smart helmet that can easily check if people have a high temperature to possibly being ban from getting in a plane. The temperature-check has a 7-meters radius and can also have a positive psychological effect on the travelers that may feel safer to be back to travel once the measured are eased. The temperature of the passengers is “projected” on the right eye.

Rome is the first airport to test this technology. As for now, there is only a very small amount of airplanes flying from Rome, but there is hope that next month the number of flights will increase.

Ivan Bassato, management director for Rome’s airports, commented:

“[The smart helmet] is a combination of a thermal camera and augmented reality screen to cover a wide area within the airport and make full synergies with fixed thermo-scanning devices.

Thermo-scanning is a proof technology that is very handy in monitoring high, large, big flows of people and passengers. It’s a control here that we have in place to ensure that passengers with symptoms, with a fever above a certain threshold, are kept outside the airport environment.”

At the airport, passengers are down by more than 95% compared with the same period in 2019.