TOURISM BACK. Mallorca to be open to German tourists in June following the creation of “Green Bridges”

Tourism in Europe is finally reopening with some precautions

Tourism back

Many nations are self-confident that the Coronavirus outbreak is under control and some are making their plans to open to tourists.

This is what has been happening in Spain, where from June, Mallorca will be open to tourists from Germany and other countries with a low infection rate in what is considered to be a  “pilot project” to restart tourism.

Francina Armengol, the Regional President of the Balearic Islands, commented:

“We are ready to do the pilot project at the end of June, so that groups can come assured of health safety. We have to learn how to live with Covid-19 and how to do that safely.”

The plan and the “green bridges”

German tour operator TUI has a rather big capacity and it will organize flight from Germany and other European countries with a low infection rate to Mallorca.

Talking with the CNN, GMartin Riecken, TUI’s Head of Communications, commented:

“We are in constructive talks with a number of local governments where we believe there may be summer holidays. We don’t believe that Spain as a whole, but the Balearics, also the Canary Islands, with low infection rates, where local governments have made good progress.”

Green Bridges

The concept of “green bridges” is getting its pace in Europe. Riecken explained:

“We are looking into specific point-to-point agreements between countries of origin and countries of destination where we deem holiday operation to be safe in times of Corona. We expect tourism to restart gradually, country by country and destination by destination.”