FIGHTING PLASTIC. Biochemicals company developing plant-based bottles degrading in 1 year


We have great news from the Netherlands as renewable chemicals company Avantium received the support from Carlsberg and Coca-Cola to develop plant-based bottles degrading in 1 year. New partnerships with other food and drink companies later in the summer.

Avantium’s CEO, Tom van Aken, commented: “This plastic has very attractive sustainability credentials because it uses no fossil fuels, and can be recycled, but would also degrade in nature much faster than normal plastics do.”

Trials have already been conducted and the company hopes to have the product ready by 2023. It’s great to see Coca Cola supporting this project as it is widely considered as one of the worst polluters in the world in terms of plastic production. It is estimated that it takes 1,000 for a plastic bottle to decompose and having that in 1 year will be just great for the planet.


Image credit Avantium