Parents find son that was abducted 32 years ago when he was 2. VIDEO

Am miracle happened in China...

Family reunited in China after 32 years

There is an incredible story from China as 34-year-old Mao Yin was reunited with his parents after 32 years!

Born on 23 February 1986, Mao Yin was snatched from their parents when he was just 2. On 17 October 1988, his father, Mao Zhenjing, was bringing him home from nursery when he stopped at a hotel to get some water for his son. When he was back, his son was taken. The family did absolutely everything to find him. They printed 100,000 flyers handing them in more than 10 provinces and municipalities, but they were not able to find him.

Back in 2007, Li made finding children her mission. She joined a non-governmental platform “Baby Come Home” helping 20 families to find her children.

Talking to the South China Morning Post, she commented: “Because at that time I had been searching for my son for over two decades, I knew how hard it could be. I also wondered if someone could give the same help to my son to find his family.”

How Mao Yin was found

Mao Yin was renamed Gu Ningning by his adopting family. According to the police, he was sold to a couple for 6,000 yuan (US$845 in today’s money). The identity of the couple has not been disclosed as the investigation is still underway.

Mao is currently running a home decoration business and he was tracked by the Xian police early this month using facial recognition technology. The identity was later confirmed by a DNA test.

Mao Yin will come back soon to live with his real parents. His mom said: “I don’t want to be separated from him anymore”

Sources: BBC, South China Morning Post