Greta Thunberg plays fortuneteller in Pearl Jam music video

Greta Thunberg Pearl Jam

At 17 years of age, Greta Thunberg is still a big icon of the green movement. The teenager appears in a recent video (Retrograde) launched by the rock band Pearl Jam that addresses the climate crisis.

The video portraits a man visiting a psychic (Greta), that shows him the damaging impact the climate crisis is having on our planet. The video shows Greta’s premonitions, such as floodings damaging cities like Manhattan, Paris, Seattle, and London and wildfires destroying Australia.

Josh Wakely, the video’s supervisor, commented: “Something Pearl Jam has done so extraordinarily well for 30 years is to speak truth to power and fire warning shots. Several other Gigaton songs spoke to me, but this one kept me up at night.”

Sources: The Union Journal, Plant-Based News