VACCINE. Human trial started with very good results according to Moderna CEO

There are promising results in the first trials of the Moderna's vaccine. Still, caution is important.

Moderna vaccine

There are many vaccine trials that are underway right now. Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel, is extremely pleased with the results that are emerging in from the first human trials.

During an interview with Bloomberg, Bancel disclosed that the results “couldn’t have been better.” According to a statement released by the Moderna, 25 people that received measured doses (either the 25mg or 100mg) of the experimental vaccine, the levels of antibodies reached or exceeded levels found in patients who had fought the Coronavirus. This means that the level of antibodies created is enough for stopping “the virus to replicate.”

Tal Zaks, Moderna chief medical officer,  added: “These data substantiate our belief that mRNA-1273 has the potential to prevent Covid-19 disease.

The next step will be administering the vaccine to 600 people, and that will start in a short time. The third phase will be giving the vaccine to thousands of people so as to demonstrate both the safety and the efficacy of the vaccine on a large population.

Obviously, the first findings have to be confirmed by the following trials so as to have a proper sample. However, we can treat the Moderna’s statement with cautious optimism.

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