FUNNY VIDEO. “You can kick their (tennis) balls but you can’t touch them”

A politician got caught in awkward double entendre

DO not touch the balls

Something really hilarious happened in the New York State when a local politician, Laura Curran, had an extremely awkward (and funny) speech about the protocol on how to handle balls when playing tennis.

Curran commented:

“Every player unless they are from the same household has to bring their own tennis balls so that you don’t touch other people’s tennis balls with your hands. You can kick their balls, but you can’t touch them.

I’m going to blush, sorry. Of course, if you’re playing with someone in your household you can touch those tennis balls. To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose, you can use a marker like a sharpie to mark out an X or put someone’s initials on them.”

Even the police officers besides Curran were laughing under the masks because of the obvious double entendre. That was pretty hilarious.

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