SEPTEMBER. Top scientists optimistic that a cure can be available by September

A cure is well on the way to be found and independent tests confirmed that it is working.

Dr. Glanville

There is a widespread agreement that it is essential to find a proper vaccine to eradicated the Coronavirus. However,  having a cure is a very important step. While the all world is racing to develop a safe vaccine, there are some groups of scientists that are putting their attention to find a cure.

Cautious has to be used. However, there is some good news from the Bay Area. Dr. Jacob Glanville, president, and CEO of Distributed Bio and Centivax is developing an antibody therapy to treat the Covid-19. He is confident that they are going to find the cure soon. If approved, the cure may be available as early as in September. Dr. Glanville is rather well-known and he also appeared in Netflix’s “Pandemic series.

The validation

Dr. Glanville is seeking external and independent validation. He revealed:  “We sent our antibodies out to three world-class laboratories to ensure that independent groups, using different people, samples, equipment, and experimental designs, would all come to the same robust conclusion: that we had generated highly potent neutralizing antibodies that could be used to treat the novel coronavirus.”

Dr. Alex Bukreyev (University of Texas Medical Branch and the Galveston National Laboratory) confirmed that as a preliminary analysis, the cure seems to work. He commented: “Our laboratory tested a panel of antibodies against a true SARS-CoV-2 in biocontainment. We were pleased to see very good neutralizing activity for some antibodies. We are working on them in vivo tests, and I hope to see protection soon.”

Vaccines still needed

Dr. Glanville still maintains that a vaccine has to be found, however, a cure is also essential in the future. He commented: “We definitely need vaccines, but they take a good amount of time to develop and you can’t give them to those who are already sick because vaccines often take four, five, or six weeks to take effect.”

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