Superdry founder gives more than £1mil to charity

Julian Dunkerton has been an immensely successful businessman.

He co-founded Superdry with Ian Hibbs in 1985 from a market stall in Cheltenham to then manage to open more than 500 outlets around the world in 46 countries.

Julien has now decided to leave the company to focus his life more on helping people and he is starting that by donating £1,157,486 to The Blue Marine Foundation that is a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.

I am immensely proud.

Mr. Dunkerton released the following statement

“I am immensely proud of everything achieved at Superdry over the past 15 years. With other demands on my time, it is the right point for me to transition my focus and responsibilities.”

The chairman

Peter Bamford, Chairman of Superdry, commented

“With Superdry embarking on the next phase of its ambitious growth plans, and with other interests and opportunities available to him, Julian and I have been talking for some time about the right time for him to move on from the business. I have enjoyed working closely with him over the last eight years and, on behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Julian for his outstanding contribution in building Superdry into such a great brand.”

That’s a good one, let’s hope that some more will follow to help the environment.