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Tonic75 policy is that we pay ONLY writers from developing countries (India or Africa). This is especially important during this period marred by the Coronavirus Pandemic as people in developing countries are taking a huge hit. Also because 1 USD contributed in there will have a bigger weight that a dollar in developed countries.


150 USD + Weekly payment

Also, we pay writers on a weekly basis to help them with the cash flow.

Please donate to help us hire more and more writers that will cheer you with good news on a daily basis.

150USD will be a great help for a writer to keep on providing good and stress-free news for 1 month.


With the Coronavirus outbreak, all of our activities have been halted, so we decided to do something nice for society and launch this good news site.

You can ask any clarification anytime in the following form how this money will be used to sustain the writers. We are very transparent.

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