HELPING CHARITIES. Why Tonic 75 and how we want to help


The concept behind Tonic75 is that there are many good things in this world and also a lot of misery. Unfortunately, we often forget how many good people live on our planet and how much more we can do.

The Founder of Tonic75 shares his frustration of not being able to directly help people in need with his activities. Therefore, Tonic75 was born.

The 75% rule

The dream of Tonic75 is to create a solid platform that will grant in a systematic way at least 75% of its profit to causes that are helping children or people in extreme conditions.

The beauty of the project is that the revenue is generated by giving happiness to readers with cheerful, inspiring, and funny news or short clips.

Donations are also accepted and they will go straight to a selected cause.

Supporting Children in Africa

The cause we are supporting now is the Dinnoedhjaelp and ACAEDF foundations founded and run by Anja Ringgren Lovén and David Umem. The foundations are rescuing and nurturing children in Nigeria that are accused of witchcraft in Nigeria. Anja became well-known all over the world after a touching video and picture emerged when she rescued little Hope from certain death. As per the picture below, the result was great.

David and Anja managed to create an incredibly efficient center, “The Land of Hope”, in a rather challenged area to give hope of the surrounding community.

The writers

The paid writers are sourced only from developing countries while the contributors can add their stories for free.

We are happy to have contributors writers if anyone is keen.

For the time being, 3 authors that are usually active writing about sports news are contributing for free to Tonic75.

Mark Hall

“Usually, I love writing about tennis. After witnessing this dire time dictated by the Coronavirus I decided to write also about good news to give some hopes and smiles to the readers”

John Ross

“I share a big passion for sports. However, being every activity stopped I am becoming more and more a fan of optimistic news. Hoping to help the readers”

Luke Mayer

“This Coronavirus pandemic pushed me to be more sensitive about much-needed good news. I love this project and I’ll keep on sustain also after this outbreak is over. There is so much good in the world!”