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Nurse in lingerie in Russia

PICTURES. Russian nurse says too hot and she wears underwear and bra under transparent...

This Coronavirus pandemic has definitely helped all sorts of creativities. Unfortunately, Russia is one of the most hard-hit countries in the world and a...

$1 BILLION funding received by Astrazeneca to develop the “Oxford vaccine”

The race for creating a safe vaccine to fight the COVID-19 is very well on. The US pledged $1 billion to AstraZeneca Plc to...
Dr. Glanville

SEPTEMBER. Top scientists optimistic that a cure can be available by September

There is a widespread agreement that it is essential to find a proper vaccine to eradicated the Coronavirus. However,  having a cure is a...
DO not touch the balls

FUNNY VIDEO. “You can kick their (tennis) balls but you can’t touch them”

Something really hilarious happened in the New York State when a local politician, Laura Curran, had an extremely awkward (and funny) speech about the...
Moderna vaccine

VACCINE. Human trial started with very good results according to Moderna CEO

There are many vaccine trials that are underway right now. Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel, is extremely pleased with the results that are emerging in...
Tourism back

TOURISM BACK. Mallorca to be open to German tourists in June following the creation...

Many nations are self-confident that the Coronavirus outbreak is under control and some are making their plans to open to tourists. This is what has...
Genie Bouchard

CHARITY. Genie Bouchard stunned after raising $85,000 from a fan bidding a date with...

Genie Bouchard is one of the most well-known tennis personality not only for her great past on court, but also for her stunning appearance....
Robot Delivery

VIDEO. This Vegan restaurant is using robot for contact less delivery

During this Coronavirus pandemic, even when reopening one of the key issues is respecting the distance. This is the problem that some restaurant and...
Smart helmet Fiumicino Airport

VIDEO. Italy tests smart helmets to check temperature in the airport

Italy has been one of the worst-hit countries in the world by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Finally, the "Bel Paese" is finding the way out,...
CO2 emissions in India

Indian carbon emissions down for 1st time since 1982. GRAPHS

While many lives have been lost during the Coronavirus pandemic, the overall condition of the environment has improved all over the world also thanks...

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