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Mauritius beaches

Mauritius declares “victory” over the Coronavirus

Fantastic news from the paradisiac island of Mauritius as the local government declares that there are no active cases in the country. According to the...
7 metrics New York Cuomo

7 metrics used to reopen New York. EXPLAINED BY CUOMO

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been doing an excellent job during this Coronavirus outbreak. The governor adopted a hard-line in the imposed lockdown,...
Hong Kong

Hong Kong to ease borders restrictions. Pubs, gyms and beauty parlours reopened.

Hong Kong is starting to take the bold move of reopening its activities. The city has been reporting no new cases of local infections...
Cities recovery coronavirus

9 US cities with great chances of having a fast recovery after the Coronavirus...

The world is gradually easing the harsh restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. While so far the attention was mainly about the deaths and...

No new COVID-19 cases in Hawaii. First time in 8 weeks.

Great news from Hawaii as no new COVID-19 cases have been recorded. This is the first time since March and the progression of the...

Italy reports lowest daily death toll since lockdown. GRAPHS and DATA

Things are getting better and better in Italy in the battle against the Coronavirus. The country recorded "only" 174 deaths related to the virus...
McDonald Queue

Queue at McDonald in New Zealand as the restrictions are eased and Coronavirus eliminated

There is fantastic news from New Zealand as the country managed to beat the Coronavirus. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is starting to release the...
Boris Johnson

UK registers the lowest dead toll in the last 4 weeks. GRAPHS, DATA, SPEECH

Things are starting to get better in the UK after the Coronavirus pandemic peaked on the 10th of April, with 8,681 new recorded cases...

ZERO new cases recorded in Malta. The same happened in Iceland a few days...

Iceland and Malta are definitely not the most populous countries in the world. However, it is still interesting to see how they are performing...
Daily deaths Italy

FLATTENING THE CURVE. Death toll in Italy is finally plummeting. Measures to be eased

Italy has been one of the most hard-hit countries in the world by the Coronavirus pandemic. Things got very ugly by the end of...

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