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Robot Delivery

VIDEO. This Vegan restaurant is using robot for contact less delivery

During this Coronavirus pandemic, even when reopening one of the key issues is respecting the distance. This is the problem that some restaurant and...
Nosh Pit Vegan

Nosh Pit provides vegan food pantries for families struggling during the Coronavirus outbreak in...

During this Coronavirus pandemic, some food pantries are more than happy to helping people. However, the emergency has made people to "forget" dietary restrictions....
Vegan leather

These guys developed vegan leather that is plant-based! VIDEO

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez executed a fantastic idea that is a "dream" for the vegan community and beyond. The pair met in...
Vegan Check

New Vegan app launched to help to find vegan-friendly products and services

Great news for the vegan world as a new app has been launched to find vegan-friendly products and services. The aim of the app...

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Flattening the Curve


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